AMAZING Low Carb Pizza

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I make this pizza often, it’s absolutely wonderful, so easy to make and so good you won’t even miss the crust.

Take a 10” skillet, spray with Pam and add enough shredded mozzarella to the bottom to cover the pan, approximately 1/4 cup.

Turn the heat on medium, and when it starts to melt and run together, put a few plops of Ragu Pizza Sauce on it.  Pizza sauce has carbs, so use it sparingly, you don’t need to spread it on, just drizzle some on top of the cheese. Then I added thinly sliced red peppers, 6 slices of pepperoni and finished by dusting it heavily with parmesan cheese.

Don’t put on too many toppings, you want to let the cheese get really crisp and brown, and lots of toppings make it soggy.

Then you just let it brown slowly over medium heat, lifting the edges with your spatula after a bit and pushing your spatula underneath it.   Rotate the spatula around the skillet lifting the edges, and peek at the middle when it has browned enough so that you can lift it.  The center will look like the second picture, just tilt your skillet and slide it off onto a flat surface.  Then cut with a pizza cutter, sprinkle on more parmesan and hot pepper flakes and you have just made yourself an excellent pizza.  The bottom will be oily, I usually blot it with paper towel, but it is surprisingly good, very filling and has minimal carbs.  

The secret is to not cook it at too high of a temperature so that the cheese browns instead of burns.  It takes a few minutes, don’t rush it.  After you make this a few times it’s a no brainer, and trust me you will make it again, it’s that good!  And yes, Miss Piggy here eats the entire pizza.  

Try it and see if you don’t like it, too!  ~ Jan

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